Zerowaste in the world and Recycling technology

by : Asrining GM

Do you know what zero waste is? Zero waste is a concept of how we deal with waste. We Use less, re-using, recycling, composting to keep material within the economic system, Avoiding residual waste, The material that isn’t reused, recycled, composted.

Reducing our use of natural resources.

One of the countries in the world that has implemented this concept is China. Evidenced by the Shanghai Zero Waste community, it was created in 2016 from a strong community in one of the largest cities in China. We provide sustainable and environmental solutions to both individuals and organizations, by making Zero Waste accessible, easy, and concrete.

Zero Waste store in germany

The implementation of Zero waste in other countries, namely Germany, is evidenced by the existence of bulk stores in Germany. Bulk store is a shop where buyers need to bring a place to buy a merchant in the bulk store, such as nuts that are put into cloth bags. At the bulk store, organic paper bags are also provided.

In the U.K the application of zero waste was carried out. One of them is by selling productzerowaste such as water bottles made from wood, and eating utensils such as spoons and fork sets made from wood and given cute cloth containers.

How about zero waste in Indonesia? Actually the problem on waste management in Indonesia after the hirarcy of zero waste begin in the overcomsumtion of things that will produce waste. Data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry explains that total waste in Indonesia reaches 187.2 million tons per year. While every day Indonesia can produce up to 65 million tons of waste every day. We can indirectly conclude that Indonesia is in a rubbish emergency.

Zero waste in Indonesia is starting to be applied, it’s evidence showing by there is community of zero waste in Indonesia, there is waste management called greenpeace that want to reduce plastic, and there is platform about zero waste in Indonesia called

In addition, one of the points of the concept of zero waste is recycling, this time the author will share knowledge about recycling waste technology that comes from the sun country that never sinks, namely the u.k. Did it applied on Indonesia? Recycling technology like RT7000 still not apllied in Indonesia. What Indonedia do for recycling ? for the plastic the rubbishhandcarrier take it and sell it to the industry of plastic, the industry make it into another bottle plastic. For giving us more knowledge let’s take a look a recyling technology.

The name of the device’s technology system is The RT7000 This technological system can convert 9000 tpa of residual plastic waste into 7000 tpa via removal of moisture, biomass and material. There are 5 steps in this technology

First is Thermal Cracker step. On this step A fluidised bed containing of hot thermo-granules continuously circulating from/to the Regenerator it is also Controlling the temperature and flow allows different volumes of individual Plaxx fractions to be produced.

Second is  Regenerator step. Light hydrocarbon gas (e.g. methane, ethane) from the distillation modules arrives into the Regenerator. it Used as a fuel to heat the thermo-granules to 850-900°C for circulation back to the Thermal Cracker.

The third step is Plaxx Distillation Hydrocarbon vapour from the Thermal Cracker is condensed into Plaxx and discharged to storage.

The fourth is Light Gas Distillation, in this step the Light hydrocarbon gas is distilled and fed into the Regenerator.

The last step is Flue Gas Treatment. any remaining gas in the Regenerator is passed into the Flue Gas Treatment module for clean-up already available on site.

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